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Church Stage Design

Innovative design and build services

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We provide church stage design and AVL Design & Integration services for a wide variety of churches. We design unique projects that are centered around the church's mission and style. We offer services to different sizes and denominations. From environmental lighting and projection, to stage design, to Audio, Video and Lighting Design & Integration.

Mission-Driven Design

Environmental Projection

Our design team contains a combination of artists that have 3D rendering skills for scenic and lighting along with a strong knowledge of technical skills allowing for highly technical staging ideas to be drafted and built to specification. Our designers work closely with clients to ensure that the system is designed and installed correctly.

Our staff can serve you in any capacity. Our typical process is as follows: From initial meetings, we start to brainstorm a design and system equipment. We then move onto the drafting stage where the final approved design concept is constructed in CAD which includes 2D and 3D draftings when necessary. From there, it moves into production and prep in our Gettysburg, PA facility. The final step is delivery and on-site install.

Mongul Stage Design

Technology in lighting and video is evolving rapidly. Therefore, some of the best house of worship design incorporates lighting, video and scenery as part of the visual impact. We have expanded our services to include complete media and video design into our house of worship design services. Church stage design now often involves environmental projection, projecting scenic imagery on walls, as the price of video equipment drops. Our team understands common worship software such as ProPresenter, and uses it as a way to create an environment.

House of Worship Services:

  • Scenic Design
  • Audio Design
  • Video Design
  • Environmental Projection Design
  • Lighting Design & Installation
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Past Projects

Mongul Church

  • Lighting Design
  • Control System Design
  • Lighting Installation
  • Training

Contemporary Design

Spire worked with Mongul Church to design a contemporary worship space that uses the latest LED technology to create an efficient and stylish area, obtaining a flexible, creative worship atmosphere.

Intuitive Control

To allow for simplicity and better control of LED fixtures, a Pathway Cognito Pro512 was specified for this space offering simple yet sophisticated programming controls for less experienced users.

Mountaintop Family Center Church

  • Lighting Design
  • Control System Design
  • Lighting Installation
  • Training

Room for Growth

The lighting system was designed to be intuitive for the most basic user, yet allow expansion for dramatic productions.

Stage Lighting

LED pars were used as backlight for the stage to be washed in color. The stage was lit with Apollo Design's Multiform HP3-90s and 8 of ETC's Source Fours.

House Lighting

Spire used LED pendant fixtures to create an efficient and modern feeling space.

Yorkshire United Methodist

  • Lighting Design
  • Control System Design
  • Lighting Installation
  • Training

A Bold New Look

A spectacular lighting transformation that serves the purpose of lighting the platform and the sanctuary in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Color Versatility

The LED lighting not only transforms the color on stage, but also spans around the room making YUMC a truly environmental worship space.
NCCN Renovation

New Cumberland Church of the Nazarene

  • Lighting Design
  • Control System Design
  • Lighting Installation
  • Training


The chandeliers that hung over the sanctuary seating (10 existing) used 11,000 watts of electricity in total. The chandeliers were retrofitted, using LEDs, and now use a total of 1,740 watts of electricity and provide more light output.

Platform Lighting

There was no prior lighting on the platform that was operational. Fixtures were added and concealed behind the existing wood framing to allow for front-light on the platform. In addition, RGB LED back lights were added to provide subtle color across the platform.

Custom Pattern Projection

The Church wanted to highlight a wood-burning piece of art, located on the front wall of the sanctuary, that had faded over the years. A custom gobo was used to highlight the artwork and a filter was used to block UV light from further fading the wood-burning.

Partnership Opportunities

Architectural and Construction companies interested in collaborating with us on future projects, please contact Katie Williams at

About Spire

We have over 20 years of combined experience in the theatrical design industry. Our design staff dedicates a high level of service and commitment to every project, with a very diverse project range. We allow for creativity within a realistic approach and can work to a budget. No matter the project, our designers will work with clients from initial consultations through to completion.

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